A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear what our readers have to say about our books! Check out these comments from readers on Amazon and Goodreads.



“By the final chapter, the reader is experienced in the events with crystal detail and treated to the broader picture with lessons learned from the press, society, clues, and actionable intelligence.” —Todd (Amazon, 3/19/2019)






“Brilliant. Each essay in this collection invited, challenged, and surprised me.”—Lisa (Goodreads, 3/31/2019)






“This novel subtly sneaks up on you and settles deep in the small crevices of your soul. The characters will become ingrained into your psyche with the beautiful tragedy that they are. Great read. 5 stars.” —Tarrah (Amazon, 4/8/2019)





“Inspiring and humorous in turn, as well as chilling in parts the book highlights a triumph of the human spirit and a deep determination to survive.”—Greville (Goodreads, 1/8/2019)





“It is a MUST read for baseball historians, children of the 80s, and nostalgia addicts, like myself. I picked it up while I was in the middle of another enjoyable book, and finished Donnelly’s before returning to the first.”—Michael (Amazon, 4/22/2019)



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