News and Reviews


The Greatest Upset Never Seen

Jack Danilewicz

Praise from the Wall Street Journal:

“Entertaining, carefully researched. . . . Mr. Danielwicz has it right: The ‘sun has never set’ on Chaminade’s glorious win. Chances are, it never will.”

The Jews Should Keep Quiet

Rafael Medoff

Feature in San Diego Jewish World:

“Medoff, as a first-rate historian of the Holocaust, clearly communicates what my poorly educated immigrant grandmother instinctively recognized, ‘Roosevelt was a great president, except for the Jews.’”


Sara Azari

Praise from Kirkus Reviews:

“This brief yet in-depth book is a gem. Its strength is that first-time author Azari, a lawyer who specializes in white-collar crime, simplifies the lengthy, massively detailed, and documented report, breaking in down into an easy-to-read explanation from a nonpartisan viewpoint.”

Unfair Labor?

David R. M. Beck

Review in the Western Historical Quarterly:

“While we might consider the political, socioeconomic, and cultural agency of fin-de-siècle Indigenous people to be tightly conscripted and confined by the parameters of the exposition and its organizers, Beck details the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that Indigenous people brought to Chicago—and took home—in the 1890s.”

Oscar Charleston

Jeremy Beer

Excerpt featured in New York Daily News.

Meander Belt

Randal O’Wain

Review in Chapter 16:

Meander Belt revels in its sense of craft. O’Wain’s ear is lyrical but never affected as he picks back over a youth filled with dishwashing gigs, road bands, and double-wide trailers.”

Inside the Hot Zone

Mark G. Kortepeter

Praise from the Washington Times:

“To understand and appreciate the bravery of the scientists working to protect our nation from such bio-epidemics, as well as how the U.S. military goes about protecting its troops from such threats, Inside the Hot Zone is a terrifying, but indispensable guide.”

Drunk in China

Derek Sandhaus

Review by Post Magazine:

“Sandhaus has much to say about China’s drinking culture, its ancient and modern distilling methods, industry practices, and what the future may hold. He is an ideal guide—genial, humorous, self-deprecating.”

Touched with Fire

David E. Lowe

Listing by the New York Jewish Week.


Paul Dickson

Interview on the Effectively Wild podcast.

Nicholas Hirshon

Listed in Hockey by Design.

Timothy J. Hillegonds

Wrote an article for the Daily Beast.

Harvey Solomon

Book signing taking place February 15th at The Greenbrier Resort.

Aria Aber

Named a Best Book of 2019 in GQ.

Larkin Powell

Featured in Prairie Public News.

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