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Theodore Roosevelt, Naturalist in the Arena

Edited by Char Miller and Clay S. Jenkinson

Starred review in Publisher’s Weekly:

“In this revealing and sometimes critical view of the 26th president and his passion for the natural world, scholars Miller and Jenkinson assemble a thought-provoking work of environmental scholarship.”

The Roger Kahn Reader

Roger Kahn

Praise in CBQ Critical Reviews:

“Editor Bill Dwyre was charged with the gleeful task of revisiting the treasure trove of Kahn material to build a collection of writings from some of Kahn’s less accessible work. The product is no less satisfying, for in these selections Kahn invites the reader to consider the human inside sports giants such as Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, Don King, and Guy LaFleur.”

Apple, Tree

Lise Funderburg

Review by Hippocampus Magazine:

Apple, Tree is a beautiful collection that entertains, delights, saddens, and makes the reader consider their own inherited identity.”

Carrying Water to the Field

Joyce Sutphen

Feature in Lyricality:

“In a media-frenzied world that hypes the extraordinary, when most of us are, in truth, quite ordinary, it’s heartening to be reminded now and again that every life, even the most seemingly insignificant, is ripe with goodness. In the many people and images populating this collection, the poet shows us simple and mundane bits of life, then unveils their particular, often awe-inspiring, significance.”

Three Seconds in Munich

David A. F. Sweet

Review in Off the Shelves:

“Through interviews with many of the American players and others, the author relates the horror of terrorism, the pain of losing the most controversial championship game in sports history to a hated rival, and the consequences of the players’ decision to shun their Olympic medals to this day.”

From Sadat to Saddam

David J. Dunford

Praise from

“This is a smart and insightful book, and you don’t need a degree in international relations enjoy it. Dunford’s memoir is as much personal as it is professional and his recollections—from rescuing Barbara Bush from an overdose of incense at a presidential dinner in Saudi Arabia, to coping with the primitive conditions his team encountered when they were stationed in Saddam’s opulent but filthy palace—provide an engaging, and often surprising behind-the-scenes look at life in the trenches of the Foreign Service.”

The Virgin of Prince Street

Sonja Livingston

Review in American magazine:

“This is not a book exclusively for doubters or the devout, but for readers who want an openminded fellow traveler venturing into sacred origins.”


Mark G. Kortepeter

Featured in the New York Post.

Joy Schulz

Interview by the Toynbee Prize Foundation.

Cheryl Savageau

Listing in Ms. magazine.

Timothy Hillegonds

Author article in the Chicago Tribune.

Paul Dickson

Interview in Baseball by the Book.

Natalie Diaz

Listed by East Bay Book Sellers.

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