Canceled Events: Support Authors Online

As we move forward through these uncertain times, we have all been affected in some way by COVID-19. Many of our authors have canceled events, book launches, and tours. Below is a list of authors that had to cancel in-person promotions so we encourage our readers to check out their books online, connect with the authors on social media, and—if you’re able—purchase their books through your local independent bookstore or directly from us. We’ll be updating this list as we hear of more updates. Stay safe, readers!

The Wax Pack by Brad Balukjian: Cancelled all events in April and May but plans to reschedule are in the works. Connect with Brad on Twitter.

Follow the Angels, Follow the Doves by Sidney Thompson: Cancelled several bookstore events in March and April. Connect with Sidney on Twitter.

Meander Belt by M. Randal O’Wain: Had been slated for a panel on writing memoir at the Virginia Book Festival, which has been cancelled. Connect with Ran on Twitter.

Disparates by Patrick Madden: Postponed book launch and a class reading at BYU. Connect with Patrick on Twitter.

The Great Oklahoma Swindle by Russell Cobb: Postponed book launch at Latitude 53 in Alberta, Canada. Connect with Russ on Twitter.

Theodore Roosevelt, Naturalist in the Arena edited by Char Miller and Clay S. Jenkinson: Cancelled events in April. Connect with Char on Twitter.

Unprecedented by Sara Azari: Event at Barnes and Noble, Union Square in NYC rescheduled for a later date. Follow Sara on Twitter and Instagram.

From Chernobyl with Love by Katya Cengel: Events cancelled in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Connect with Katya on Twitter.

Rails of War by Steven James Hantzis: Cancelled event in Maine. Connect with Steven on Twitter or through his website.

And below is a message from Max Brooks, who was an editor on Winning Westeros (Potomac Books, 2019) and Strategy Strikes Back (Potomac Books, 2018). Be well!

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