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If the Body Allows It

Megan Cummins

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly:

“Cummins’s impressive debut, a novel in stories, follows Marie, a writer in her mid-30s with an auto-immune disease . . .  Each story is riveting and climactic, and Marie’s narration effectively ties them together. Cummins’s innovative work delivers well-crafted stories, vivid characters, and unsettling emotional gravitas.”


Mitchell Nathanson

Featured in the Wall Street Journal:

“Today’s self-serious Little Leaguers would scoff at Bouton’s eccentric baseball education. Growing up in New Jersey, he starred in after-school pickup games; he was, in his own estimation, an intense, competitive jerk. In Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original, Mitchell Nathanson relates how Bouton took pitching cues from unexpected sources, including a back-of-the-Wheaties-box description of how to throw a knuckleball. “


Patrick Madden

Reviewed by Pop Matters:

Disparates is Patrick Madden’s third collection of essays and, in my opinion, his best. But if you pick the book up expecting to find a predictable, boilerplate work similar to what other authors often churn out every few years, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for an easy read, something you can open when you have a few minutes to kill, a mindless romp through familiar territory, you’ll be disappointed. However, if your goal is to expand your horizons, for your mind to be taken on new and surprising journeys, to have your thought patterns twisted and challenged with every sentence, causing you to sit up and pay attention, you will be rewarded: with insight, laughter, and compassion.”

No Place I Would Rather Be

Joe Bonomo

Reviewed in the Lincoln Journal Star:

“Author Joe Bonomo is an essayist and poet who teaches creative writing at Northern Illinois University. His book, No Place I Would Rather Be, published by the University of Nebraska Press, is an excellent introduction to an erudite observer of the American scene whose oeuvre literally spans the past century.”


‘Gbenga Adeoba

Author interview with War Scapes.

Kat D. Williams

Guest on Baseball by the Book podcast.

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