News and Reviews


Thinking about God: Jewish Views

by Rabbi Kari H. Tuling

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly:

“Rabbi Tuling analyzes a range of Jewish thought on major theological questions throughout history in her sharp debut.”

From Miniskirt to Hjab: A Girl in Revolutionary Iran

by Jaqueline Saper

Review in San Diego Jewish World:

“In addition to being a memoir of resiliency and courage, From Miniskirt to Hijab offers glimpses into Iran’s history and customs, its arts and laws, how its social institutions operate, and its people think. From Miniskirt to Hijab: small in size, powerful to read.”

Travels with Frances Densmore: Her Life, Work, and Legacy in Native American Studies

Edited by Joan M. Jensen and Michelle Wick Patterson

Included in feature on Frances Densmore in Cowboys & Indians.

Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original

by Mitchell Nathanson

Review in Waco Tribune-Herald:

“… a well-researched and fascinating read.”


Brad Balukjian

Author interview on Mad Dog Unleashed.

Aria Aber

Author interview with The Rumpus.

Jack Gilden

Author interview with Sports History Network.

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