News and Reviews


Thinking about the Prophets

Kenneth Seeskin

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“While Seeskin’s strength is Jewish scholarship, he takes an ecumenical approach by showcasing how the works of the prophets are foundational texts for multiple religions and emphasizing their modern relevance. Erudite and accessible, this insightful analysis will appeal to any reader interested in the Bible, the philosophy of religion, or simply the history and literature of the ancient world.”


Mitchell Nathanson

Featured in the Lincoln Journal Star:

“The book is organized into three stages of Bouton’s life, with accompanying notes and bibliography and includes a generous section of black and white photos. Readers who choose to visit ‘Bouton’ will feel pleased to have made the acquaintance of a truly unique player in the panorama of American sports.”

Unbinding Isaac

Aaron Koller

Reviewed by the Jewish Standard:

“Koller marshals an impressive array of diverse sources to demonstrate how the near-sacrifice of Isaac has been used throughout the ages as a prism for processing the loss of a child, from poetry (Jewish and Christian, Syriac and Yiddish), to chronicles of medieval crusades (during which many Jews chose to kill their own children lest they be forced to convert to Christianity), to the Holocaust’s claiming of over a million children’s lives, to laments over fallen young Israeli soldiers.”

Skin Memory

John Sibley Williams

Featured in the DMQ Review:

“The poems in Skin Memory create a landscape stripped down to its most archetypal elements—man, son, trees, stars—in language that hews close to the bone. The results are often beautiful, as in “Killing Lesson,” which, while not focused on any particular people or problem, presses urgently forward through a skillful handling of voice and assertion.”


Randon Billings Noble

Author interview with Sundress Publications.

Robert Fitts

Author interview on SABRcast.

Brad Balukjian

Author interview on the Joy of Sox Blog.

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