What We’re Reading

UNP Staff members are always reading new books, both within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the titles where our noses have been buried.

October Staff Reading List

The Old Maid by Edith Wharton. “Not exactly Halloween-themed but depending on your definition of scary the two cousins do share in quite the family secret.” —Rosemary Sekora

Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline. “A friend recommended this book, and I started it a couple weeks ago without knowing much about the plot. I have been pleased to discover it has some supernatural themes and dark content, a spooky setting that I find a bit more satisfying to read this time of year.” —Lacey Losh

The Power by Naomi Alderman. “I picked this one up because wouldn’t it be cool if we lived in a matriarchy? And hey, women developing the power to release electrical jolts from their fingers feels appropriate for the Halloween season!” —Anne Aberle

The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. “I’m somewhat regretting picking up a book this month that involves war and Nazi propaganda, but despite that, there’s more than enough of a story to keep me turning the pages.” —Bridget Barry

Somehow, Crystal by Yasuo Tanaka. “This was assigned to me for my Japanese literature class and is definitely a standout piece. The stream of consciousness style isn’t really my thing, but the author-written annotations on the abundant 70s/80s references add a whole new layer to the reading experience.” —Olivia Schmitz

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