News and Reviews


The Speed Game: My Fast Times in Baseball

Praise from The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books:

“This is the second memoir by a basketball coach that I read over the long Thanksgiving weekend and it lived up to what I hoped it would be—as entertaining and fast-paced as this coach’s basketball philosophy. “

Too Strong to Be Broken: The Life of Edward J. Driving Hawk

Review in the Native Sun Times:

Too Strong to Be Broken, however, is not a complete story of good times… It stands as a testimony to overcoming obstacles and following life wherever it takes you. Edward J. Driving Hawk lived a life worthy of your reading, and you will not be left unsatisfied.”


Emmanuel Navon

Interview with the Centrum Stosunków Międzynarodowych, i24news, and Avi Abelow.

Scott D. Seligman

Book Talk at the Center for Jewish History.

Sara Spurgeon

Interview with the podcast Words to That Effect.

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