Best Baseball Books of All Time

Based on the recommendations from major outlets like CNN and Forbes, BookAuthority has recently released a list of the 100 Best Baseball Books of All Time, and UNP had a great showing on the list. Take a look at these home run books that baseball fans would be remiss to skip out on!

Alou: My Baseball Journey (2018) by Felipe Alou with Peter Kerasotis

“Famed outfielder Alou, who made history in 1958 as the first person to go from the Dominican Republic to playing with a major league team, delivers a fascinating memoir of his baseball career. . . . This is a powerful memoir of a remarkable player who made a lasting impact on America’s pastime.”—Publishers Weekly

The Wax Pack: On the Open Road in Search of Baseball’s Afterlife (2020) by Brad Balukjian

The Wax Pack is the perfect synthesis of what makes baseball (and baseball cards) compelling, combining the thrill of discovery, the reassurance of shared memory, and poignant metaphors for life. Balukjian’s cross-country, cardboard-based bildungsroman reminds us that baseball’s best stories are sometimes told by and about players who’ve long since left the league.”—Ben Lindbergh, best-selling author of The MVP Machine and The Only Rule Is It Has to Work

Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original (2020) by Mitchell Nathanson

“Baseball fans will laugh alongside and, ultimately, feel touched by this look at an iconoclastic, often quixotic man who, despite the charges that his landmark book had hurt the game, loved baseball to the very end.”—Library Journal

Oscar Charleston: The Life and Legend of Baseball’s Greatest Forgotten Player (2019) by Jeremy Beer

“Beer’s evenhanded narrative makes a convincing case for Charleston as the greatest baseball player who never played in the majors. This is a solid hit for baseball historians and fans alike.”—Publishers Weekly

The Called Shot: Babe Ruth, the Chicago Cubs, and the Unforgettable Major League Baseball Season of 1932 (2020) by Thomas Wolf

The Called Shot is a satisfying read and provides depth and context to a memorable baseball season. As the reader will discover, the 1932 season was more than just Babe Ruth’s most iconic moment.”—Bob D’Angelo, Sports Bookie

Making My Pitch: A Woman’s Baseball Odyssey (2017) by Ila Jane Borders with Jean Hastings Ardell

“As a girl, Ila Borders had a dream. That dream became a desire, and that desire blossomed into a crusade: she would play baseball. Not softball. Baseball. She would throw the hard stuff past brawny male sluggers. Jean Hastings Ardell tells the story of this twilight figure coming out of the shadows to join a not always receptive mainstream. You may laugh. You may shed a tear. But surely you will applaud.”—Arnold Hano, author of A Day in the Bleachers

Summer Baseball Nation: Nine Days in the Wood Bat Leagues (2020) by Will Geoghegan

“Will Geoghegan’s beautifully written and richly detailed Summer Baseball Nation reminds one of why baseball—in its purest and most innocent form—is still the greatest of all sports.”—Erik Sherman, New York Times best-selling coauthor of After the Miracle: The Lasting Brotherhood of the ’69 Mets

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