News and Reviews


The Snatch Racket: The Kidnapping Epidemic that Terrorized 1930s America

Review in the Wall Street Journal:

“In The Snatch Racket, Carolyn Cox, a veteran Washington lawyer and law professor, reanimates this intriguing slice of American life. Crisp, zesty and free of the clichés of most true-crime writing, Ms. Cox’s book interweaves her case narratives with the inside story of how Hoover exploited the crisis to launch a ‘crusade’ against organized crime, even coining the term ‘G-men’ to glamorize his agents.”

Escape from Castro’s Cuba

Review in the Brooklyn Digest:

“In Escape From Castro’s Cuba, the gripping read that’s a visionary sequel to Castro’s Curveball, we find that Billy Bryan, the former Washington Senators Minor League catcher, has returned to Havana with a small role in a movie being filmed on location. It doesn’t take him long to realize that this place and his past remain as star-crossed as when he played winter ball in the Cuban capital decades before.”

The Best Team Over There: The Untold Story of Grover Cleveland Alexander and the Great War

Review in the Brooklyn Digest:

“Leeke, who is a retired copywriter and creative director, and also served in the United States Army, examines this crucial period closely, and how it dramatically changed Alexander’s life. There is a detailed look at where Alexander was stationed, how he was trained, how he withstood the effects of combat and shelling, how he interacted with his fellow athletes and soldiers, and how the war changed his baseball career.”

Why Nation-Building Matters: Political Consolidation, Building Security Forces, and Economic Development in Failed and Fragile States

Review in The Strategy Bridge:

“The book is a compelling narrative with vivid implications for the next generation of policy makers as they consider what constitutes success or failure in future interventions.”


Steven Wingate

Interview in the Chicago Review of Books.

Jessica Poli, Marco Abel, and Timothy Schaffert

Interview on Iowa Radio.

Marc Rosenstein

Interview with The Jewish People Policy Institute.

Emmanuel Navon

Interview in the Combined Academic Publishers’ blog.

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