May Staff Reading List

UNP staff members are always reading new books, both within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the titles where our noses have been buried.

“I’m currently reading Two in the Far North by Margaret E. Murie. My family has been passing this one around, and we’ve all loved it. There’s a lot of snow and cold and dogsledding and adventure – a good book to read while sitting in the Nebraska sun.” –Bridget Barry

“I’m reading Michelle Zauner’s memoir Crying in H Mart. I splurged on the hardcover because I *had* to once I read a review of it. Zauner is Korean American and the book is about losing her mother as a young adult. It includes processing their relationship, her identity as an Asian American, and more. It’s fascinating and well written. Zauner is the musician of “Japanese Breakfast” and will perform at the Maha Music Festival on July 31.” –Tish Fobben

“I just finished Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago. I had no idea what it was about but had seen it on some lists of great world literature. It’s a really fantastic novel about the Russian revolution(s) (and earned Pasternak a Nobel, which he eventually declined under pressure from the Soviet Union). I have to say I now prefer Pasternak to Dostoevsky!” –Elizabeth Zaleski

“Just started reading Paulette Jiles’ Simon the Fiddlera novel about an itinerant musician in post-Civil War Texas. Jiles has a wonderful sense of place and a gift for language and memorable phrases.” –Clark Whitehorn

“I’m reading The Survivors by Jane Harper. I chose it because I love mystery novels and it was suggested to me by a book Instagram account I follow. I started it a few days ago and am almost finished! I needed a break from nonfiction and think it’s a fun, easy read.” –Taylor Rothgeb

“I’m very excited to continue reading Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. I selected this for my upcoming book club gathering (our first in the pandemic). I imagine it will be fun to discuss with a group, it’s a well written and funny novel that manages to tackle some social justice issues such as race relations and income inequality.” –Lacey Losh

“I’m reading The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett. This book has been on my TBR list for a while now and I am excited to have the chance to finally read it!” –Sarah Kee

“As Covid cases drop locally and vaccines are becoming available, life seems to be speeding back up. I’m excited to see friends and family face-to-face again but not quite ready for the pre-pandemic pace of living. Thus, I’m escaping into a long, slow novel of Willa Cather’s, The Song of the Lark.” –Haley Mendlik

“I’ve just started reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry. I asked my husband to pick a book from our home library for me to read and this is what he chose. I’m enjoying it so far!” –Tayler Lord

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