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Black Snake

Review in New City Lit:

“In her new book, Black Snake, Katherine Wiltenburg Todrys outlines the formation of the camps as well as the key events before and after law enforcement intervened violently. With firsthand interviews, Todrys provides a comprehensive overview of the pipeline’s impact while introducing us to four important activists, all of them Native women, who strove to achieve environmental justice.”

Spymaster’s Prism

Review in Manhattan Book Review:

“As tensions continue to heat up between Biden and Putin, one can’t help but wonder how we got to this point? Spymaster’s Prism brings you the story, going into detail with the history of intelligence agencies and our national security.”

Comeback Pitchers

Review in The Sports Bookie:

Comeback Pitchers might be a niche read, but it is a fascinating look at two pitchers who made their mark, particularly during the free-swinging 1920s. Spatz and Steinberg lift both pitchers out of the haze and obscurity and show them for what they were—very good pitchers in an era that focused on hitters.”

Thinking about Good and Evil

Review in The Reporter:

“He challenges readers to see where they agree or disagree with each philosopher, which may help them to devise their own personal theology. His book would work well in a classroom setting or for a discussion group about theology. Anyone interested in the subject of good and evil should enjoy this interesting and provocative work.”


Norman Fine

Interview with Acast.

Erik Sherman

Interview with White Plains Community Media.

Sean Maloney

Interview with Thunder Bay News Watch.

Lawrence Haas

Interview with WGTD.

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