News and Reviews


Deer Season

Starred review in Publishers Weekly:

“Flanagan balances the mystery and its surprising resolution with her emotionally rich character explorations. This is a standout novel of small-town life, powered by the characters’ consequential determination to protect their loved ones at any cost.”

What Isn’t Remembered

Starred review in Publishers Weekly:

“Throughout, the situations are arresting and the images indelible. Gorcheva-Newberry’s luminous prose will remain vivid in the reader’s mind.”

Hell on the Border

Review in Lone Star Literary Life:

Hell on the Border works well both as stand-alone reading and as an entry point into the still-evolving trilogy. Thompson opens with the deputy marshal in the midst of tracking down murderers, but the slow pace of pursuit gives him moments to reflect on his past.”


Review in Los Angeles Daily News:

“If Clubbie isn’t the best piece of baseball literature since Ball Four, it’s the leader in the clubhouse.”

Get Thee to a Bakery

Review in Fourth Genre:

“I’ve often heard that a good writer can write about anything and make it interesting for a reader. Anything? If this is true (which Rick Bailey has fully convinced me of), Get Thee to a Bakery, a collection of essays published by the University of Nebraska Press (2021), is a masterclass in how to make art out of the quotidian.”


Keith Dunnavant

Interview on BYU Radio.

Patricia Rubertone

Interview on New Books Network.

Jack Devine

Interview on America Trends Podcast.

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