News and Reviews


Backcountry Ghosts

Review in the Seattle Book Review:

“This is an interesting story of how land in California, and in a larger sense the West, has shaped the history and the people of the region. I highly recommend this book.”

Emergency War Plan

Review in Shepherd Express:

“A formidable researcher, Sean M. Maloney puts his skills to good use in his latest book.”

New Principles of War

Review in Strategic Studies Quarterly:

“Commanders of all military branches should read Pokrant’s New Principles of War.”

A Life with Dogs

Review in Brooklyn Digest:

“In A Life with Dogs, Welsch celebrates his lifelong admiration of the canine spirit. To him, all dogs are good dogs, whether they’re big or little, pedigree or mutt, or stealing a T-bone meant for the barbecue grill.”


Peter Joseph Gloviczki interview with Media and Culture Podcast.

Sidney Thompson interview with Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Jim Leeke interview on Downtown with Rich Kimball.

Lawrence Baldassaro interview with Italian American Life.

Greg Larson interview with New Books Network.

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