News and Reviews



Starred review in Kirkus Reviews:

“An outstanding contribution to the literature of terrorism and counterterrorism.”

Black Cowboys of Rodeo

Starred review in Publishers Weekly:

“This stirring history will have readers rethinking the very definition of Americana.”

Moshkeleh the Thief

Review in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

“The recent publication of Moshkeleh the Thief: A Rediscovered Novel (Jewish Publication Society), translated from the original Yiddish and with an introduction by Curt Leviant, marks the first ever English-language translation of the novella by perhaps the most popular and most widely read Yiddish writer.”

Death of the Senate

Review in Dennis P. Crawford’s blog:

“I just finished reading his book on the U.S. Senate and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in government and politics. Nelson gives you an inside, behind the scenes look at how the U.S. Senate works—when it works.”

Bring in the Right-Hander!

Review in the Brooklyn Digest:

“It also is a journey of perseverance, as he faced injuries, releases, and trips to the minor leagues, and his way back to the majors as he concluded his career with the Pirates in 1990.”


Anthony Wood

Interview with the Extreme History Project.

Erin Flanagan

Interview with Fiction Writers Review.

Robert Camuto

Interview with Italy Magazine.

Ben Nelson

Interview on Omaha Public Radio.

Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry

Interview with Fiction Writers Review.

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