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Review in Wall Street Journal:

“His lavishly illustrated Look: How a Highly Influential Magazine Helped Define Mid-Twentieth-Century America aims not only to rescue the glossy from obscurity but to burnish its reputation for courageous journalism. In the process, he unreels a compact social history of the country from the Depression to the dawn of the 1970s with all its pleasures, pain, breakthroughs and foibles.”


Review in the Denver Post:

Lamentations is a superb look at westering women nearly 200 years ago as they accompanied their families into the unknown.”

Cain v. Abel

Review in the San Diego Jewish World:

Cain v. Abel is a modern-day midrash, an imaginative story filling in the implicit and unrepresented parts of the terse language found in the Hebrew Bible.”

A State of Secrecy

Review in Shepherd Express:

“Lewis has a feel for the country’s limited but not impoverished economy, the pervasive anxiety facing anyone not prepared to stay within the party line. She focuses her research on a handful of writers and artists who became informers.”


Keith Ryan Cartwright

Interview on PBR.

Paulette Steeves

Interview on Native America Calling.

Randon Billings Noble

Interview with the Millions.

Clayton Trutor

Interview on the Packaged Tourist Show.

Erin Flanagan

Interview with Literary Mama.

David Barak-Gorodetsky

Interview on New Books Network.

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