Upcoming Event: Book Launch for Geography Series

Join the University of Nebraska Press’s virtual book launch “Negatives and Voids in Cultural Geography” for the newest addition to the Cultural Geographies + Rewriting the Earth series, Negative Geographies (Nebraska, 2021), on December 13, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. CST with Matthew Hannah and Sue Ruddick as discussants.

Join the event here!

Negative Geographies (Nebraska, 2021), edited by David Bissell, Mitch Rose, and Paul Harrison, is the first edited collection to chart the political, conceptual, and ethical consequences of how the underexplored problem of the negative might be posed for contemporary cultural geography. Using a variety of case studies and empirical investigations, these chapters consider how the negative, through annihilations, gaps, ruptures, and tears, can work within or against the terms of affirmationism. 

A Place More Void (Nebraska, 2021), edited by Paul Kingsbury and Anna J. Secor, gathers established and emerging scholars who engage a wide range of geographical issues and who express themselves not only through archival, literary, and socio-scientific investigations, but also through social and spatial theory, political manifesto, poetry, and performance art. This collection presents geography’s most in-depth and sustained engagements with the void to date, demonstrating the extent to which related themes such as gaps, cracks, lacks, and emptiness perforate geography’s fundamental concepts, practices, and passions.

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