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What Isn’t Remembered

Longlisted for 2022 PEN American Literary Award for the Debut Short Story Collection category!


Let Me Count the Ways

Review in Publishers Weekly:

“With quotations from medical literature, historical treatises, and poetry threaded in, the narration is hypnotic, as is Morín’s evocative imagery. Readers will find it hard to put this one down.”

On the Sidelines

Review in New York Times:

“His is a scholarly discussion that challenges both fans and media professionals to look inward rather than dismiss problems like online trolls, harassment, sexism and racism as simply the cost of becoming a public figure.”

South of Somewhere

Praise in New York Times:

“His new book, South of Somewhere: Wine, Food and the Soul of Italy, is his best yet, a razor-sharp evocation of the people, places and points-of-view that captures both the fatalism so often encountered in southern Italy and the stubborn refusal of its inhabitants to knuckle under.”

Champagne Charlie

Praise in New York Times:

“In Champagne Charlie: The Frenchman Who Taught Americans to Love Champagne, Don and Petie Kladstrup offer not only a fascinating portrait of the 19th-century founder of the Charles Heidsieck Champagne house but an evocative sketch of America and the wine business around the time of the Civil War.”


Review in the Wall Street Journal:

“His lavishly illustrated Look: How a Highly Influential Magazine Helped Define Mid-Twentieth-Century America aims not only to rescue the glossy from obscurity but to burnish its reputation for courageous journalism. In the process, he unreels a compact social history of the country from the Depression to the dawn of the 1970s with all its pleasures, pain, breakthroughs and foibles.”

Author Interviews

Dennis Drabelle

Interview on CBS This Morning.

Lawrence Baldassaro

Interview with Baseball and BBQ Podcast.

Joseph Weber

Interview on RFD-TV.

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