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Patrick Madden’s Disparates won the 15 Bytes Book Award for Creative Nonfiction!

The Rhinehart Frames by Cheswayo Mphanza is a finalist for the 2021 NBCC Awards!

Neal Scheindlin’s The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook is a finalist in the 2021 National Jewish Book Awards!



Review in Wall Street Journal:

“Some of the measures put in place since 9/11, as inconvenient as they may be, have undoubtedly saved lives. We might still debate their usefulness and legality, but we should do so with a full understanding of their results. Disruption is a valuable contribution to that understanding.”

Knocked Down

Praise in Publishers Weekly:

“Weintraub balances her brutally frank account with hope and humor before finding the ultimate release in the delivery of her healthy baby boy. While the catharsis isn’t easily given, there’s beauty on every page.”

The Light of Earth

Praise in New York Journal of Books:

“At times The Light of Earth feels like a conversation with an old friend over a few beers. Worden loved his job. There’s a good sense of self-awareness within these pages. In Worden’s view, there is no such thing as an ‘ex-astronaut.’ Worden was different from many of his peers: he was the first divorced man to fly in space, a genuine aberration given the public face of America’s astronauts as devoted family men.

The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook

Review in The Reporter:

The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook is an excellent work for anyone looking for an introductory text in Jewish ethics.”

Let Me Count the Ways

Preview in The Millions:

“Morín has described his memoir as an exploration of “what it was like for me to grow up in a rural town in South Texas surrounded by a culture of drugs and machismo,” the formative influence of the men in his family, and how he tried to cope with the struggles of his youth.”

Author Interviews

Rob Goldman

Interview on Talking Sports Books.

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