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Hostages of Empire won the Heggoy Prize from the French Colonial Historical Society and was shortlisted for the Royal Historical Society’s 2022 Gladstone Book Prize

IPPY Award winners:

Black Snake won gold in Environment/Ecology

Rage won gold in Current Events I

A Second Reckoning won silver in US History


Power Lined

Review in Great Plains Quarterly:

“Focusing on the network of wires that connect energy, place, and culture in the United States, Daniel Wuebben’s well-composed meditation on the vine-like web of overhead power lines offers a rich and compelling account of the ambiguities, tensions, and ironies associated with this often-overlooked piece of critical infrastructure. Power-Lined: Electricity, Landscape, and the American Mind is a welcome addition to the energy humanities and social sciences literature with its engaging exploration of the modern imaginaries that inspired the US transmission grid’s design as well as the anxieties that accompanied the expansion of overhead lines across the Great Plains and beyond.”

Red Barber

Review in Bradenton Times:

“In my conversation with Walker and Hiltner, I learned just how much I didn’t know about the great Red Barber, and just how intelligent they are. This biography is akin to a most forensic study of an American icon.”

Author Interviews

Jon Marshall

Interviews on KTLA and on Morning Joe

Jack Gilden

Interview on Audacy podcast

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