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Recent and Upcoming Events

Dale Scott was at Powell’s, Portland, OR on 6/8

Erik Sherman has an event with Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore, Middletown, CT on 6/9

Andrew Farkas has an event with Book Suey, Hamtramck, MI on 6/10


Private Way

Review in Necessary Fiction:

“For the past decade, Ladette Randolph has illuminated aspects of the human condition in Nebraskan spaces — stoicism in the face of loss, the embrace of hard physical labor, faith as a source of both comfort and subjugation. The women in her narratives suppress their individuality, believing that they exist to support the agendas of husband, family, church, and community. In Randolph’s latest offering, Private Way, Nebraska once again serves as the backdrop, but Randolph reworks her familiar themes with a breezier, more optimistic touch.”

The Book of Revolutions

Review in Publisher’s Weekly:

“Extrapolating on the implications for modern practice, the author posits that there’s “not a single, right pathway” for practicing Judaism. Feld displays a remarkable talent for balancing accessible language with depth of thought and rigorous research, all while exercising a penetrating insight for how ancient conflicts factor into contemporary discourse. Stellar scholarship makes this an essential religious and cultural history.”

America’s Forgotten Terrorists

Review in Shepherd Express:

America’s Forgotten Terrorists includes several compelling characters, starting with Galleani, the Professor Moriarty of anarchy who continually slipped the net (and noose); Ella Antolini, the beautiful teenager, dubbed the ‘Dynamite Girl; by the press when arrested for transporting 36 sticks of dynamite to Milwaukee (intending to blow-up the district attorney); and Rayme W. Finch, agent for the FBI’s predecessor agency who doggedly pursued Galleani and his followers.”

Author Interviews

Dale Scott

Interviewed on the MLB Network

Brian Shellum

Interview on the History Channel

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