Summer Activities Reading List

Summer is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and read books about summer activities written by one of our authors. With our summer reading sale, you can get our summer themed books for 50% off!

From now until the end of July, Lincoln City Libraries is promoting its annual summer reading program and adult readers have the opportunity to win a 40% discount coupon from UNP if they complete the program! Register for the program here.

Need help picking your next read? Check out a list of some of our summer reads below:

  1. The Melon Capital of the World by Blake Allmendinger
  2. Atlas of Nebraska by J. Clark Archer, Richard Edwards, Leslie M. Howard, Fred M. Shelley, Donald A. Wilhite and David J. Wishart
  3. Like No Other Place by David A. Owen
  4. Kayaking Alone by Mike Barenti
  5. South of Somewhere by Robert V. Camuto
  6. The Bear Doesn’t Know by Paul Schullery
  7. Waterman by David Davis
  8. Low Mountains or High Tea by Steve Sieberson
  9. Great Plains Weather by Kenneth F. Dewey
  10. Canoeing the Great Plains by Patrick Dobson
  11. The Power of Scenery by Dennis Drabelle
  12. Glory Days by Melissa Fraterrigo
  13. Yellowstone, Land of Wonders by Jules Leclercq
  14. Wilderness of Hope by Quinn Grover
  15. Go West, Young Man by B. J. Hollars
  16. Midwestern Strange by B. J. Hollars
  17. Living the California Dream by Alison Rose Jefferson
  18. Wildlife of Nebraska by Paul A. Johnsgard
  19. Almost Somewhere by Suzanne Roberts
  20. Uphill Both Ways by Andrea Lani

For further reading, check out the Outdoor Lives Series!

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