Memoir Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and pick up a memoir written by one of our authors. With our summer reading sale, you can get our nonfiction books for 50% off!

From now until the end of July, Lincoln City Libraries is promoting its annual summer reading program and adult readers have the opportunity to win a 40% discount coupon from UNP if they complete the program! Register for the program here.

Need help picking your next read? Check out a list of some of our memoirs below:

  1. Shadow Migration by Suzanne Ohlmann
  2. Let Me Count the Ways by Tomás Q. Morín
  3. Knocked Down by Aileen Weintraub
  4. This Jade World by Ira Sukrungruang
  5. What Becomes You by Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz
  6. To Hell with It by Dinty W. Moore
  7. My Omaha Obsession by Miss Cassette
  8. Sky Songs by Jennifer Sinor
  9. Havin’ a Ball by Richie Adubato with Peter Kerasotis
  10. Anything Will Be Easy after This by Bethany Maile
  11. How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences by Sue William Silverman
  12. Beckoning Frontiers by George W. T. Beck
  13. Borderline Citizen by Robin Hemley
  14. Meander Belt by M. Randal O’Wain
  15. The Distance Between by Timothy J. Hillegonds
  16. From Miniskirt to Hijab by Jacqueline Saper
  17. The Virgin of Prince Street by Sonja Livingston
  18. This Fish Is Fowl by Xu Xi 許素細
  19. The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet by Kim Adrian
  20. A Certain Loneliness by Sandra Gail Lambert

For further reading, check out the American Lives Series!

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