Back to School Reading List

With the fall semester starting soon we have prepared a list of titles to help you brush up on something familiar or take a dive into a new fascinating subject. Pursue our mini-course catalog of subjects to find those new reads that will assist with your scholarly endeavors.

Check out all of these fantastic books and more through our subject lists!


Under Prairie Skies by C. Thomas Shay

Girl Archaeologist by Alice Beck Kehoe

Amazonian Kichwa of the Curaray River by Mary-Elizabeth Reeve


Dirt Persuasion by Derek Moscato

Nourishing Water, Comforting Sky by Stephen R. Jones

Environmental Geography by Leslie A. Duram

Media Studies

Cold War Radio by Mark G. Pomar

Cinematic Comanches by Dustin Tahmahkera

Look by Andrew L. Yarrow

Native American & Indigenous Studies

Yukhíti Kóy compiled by Geoffrey Kimball

Without Destroying Ourselves by John A. Goodwin

Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves by Diane J. Purvis


Under my Bed and Other Essays by Jody Keisner

The Women Who Built Omaha by Eileen Wirth

Shadow Migration by Suzanne Ohlmann

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

The Umpire is Out by Dale Scott

Cartography by Katherine Schifani

Transmovimientos edited by Ellie D. Hernández, Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr., and Magda García

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