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Charlie Murphy and Red Barber have been named as Finalists for the 2022 CASEY Award


A Long Voyage to the Moon

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“Bowman’s storytelling and lively, conversational prose make A Long Voyage to the Moon a commendable biography of Jan Evans’s husband, who flew for the navy and conducted science beyond low earth orbit, for general audiences and anyone interested in astronauts who have not landed in the history books with one small step. Looking ahead, the Artemis program offers women and more men the opportunity to do extraordinary jobs. The story of Ron Evans points to the additional science that could be done on the moon and urges us to remember the partners and support systems who make the extraordinary possible and worth doing.

The Messiah Confrontation

Review by Robert Cornwall:

“When I first saw a notice for Knohl’s The Messiah Confrontation I knew I wanted to read it. While many Jews find conversations about Jesus difficult due to the history of Christian persecution of Jews in the name of Jesus, I have found it extremely helpful to see Jesus through Jewish eyes. Consider Amy Jill Levine for example, who has done a wonderful job enlightening us about Jesus and his Jewish context. The good news is that she’s not the only Jewish scholar who has engaged with the story of Jesus. Knohl’s book is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.”

The Book of Revolutions

Review on Jewish Book Council:

“The his­to­ry of the Israelites in the Bib­li­cal peri­od is the sub­ject of Edward Feld’s The Book of Rev­o­lu­tions: The Bat­tles of Priests, Prophets, and Kings That Birthed the Torah. Through close read­ing, Feld explores how the Bible, often the only writ­ten account of this peri­od, reveals the his­to­ry of the Jew­ish peo­ple. Rec­og­niz­ing the endur­ing chal­lenge that recon­struct­ing this sto­ry presents, Feld shares his approach in his intro­duc­tion: ​’I will try to come to rea­son­able con­clu­sions about what we can know about the peri­od, based in part or in full on what we can glean from look­ing at the bib­li­cal report … ‘

How­ev­er, Feld’s mode of unpack­ing this his­to­ry is unique, in that it focus­es on the legal texts of the Torah rather than its nar­ra­tive sec­tions. He sug­gests that these legal codes, which were not edit­ed for cohe­sion as the nar­ra­tive sec­tions were, demon­strate an evo­lu­tion, in fact a rev­o­lu­tion, in the reli­gious pro­gres­sion of the Israelites.”

Under My Bed and Other Essays

Review in Split Rock Review:

“Keisner expertly braids together her life’s stories with research to guide readers through the immediate experience of fear as well as the effort to reckon with it.”

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