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Imperial Zions

Review in Times & Seasons:

“I found the book to be quite fascinating.  It was interesting to see more deeply why Latter-day Saints performed the missionary work they did outside of the Euro-American societies that most Saints came from.”

Ranking the Best Baseball Books in Sports Collector’s Digest

All these fantastic titles reviewed and ranked!

Hiltner’s Red Barber

Cannon’s Charlie Murphy

Trutor’s Loserville

Dreier’s Baseball Rebels

McCue’s Stumbling Around the Bases

Kashatus’ Lefty and Tim

Scott’s Umpire is Out

Dear Diaspora

Review on Southeast Review:

“After a wave of anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes during the pandemic, there comes a tide of the opposing forces. More than ever, Asian American poets are speaking candidly about the complex dynamic between being an “Asian” and being an “American,” as well as their personal experiences navigating these two identities.”

Nature’s Mountain Mansion

Review in New City Lit:

“In the end, Nature’s Mountain Mansion left me with something of a Yosemite hangover; the book definitely will sate one’s thirst for descriptive writing.  But it also left me marveling at how desperately humans strive to possess—if only through the right turn of phrase or metaphor—that which resists all possession.”

Author Interviews

David H. Wilson Jr.

Interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting

Ryan Poll

Interview with Professor LatinX

Jill Christman

Interview on Literary Mama

Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

Interview on From the Desk

Eileen Wirth

Interview on WOWT Omaha

Christopher Price

Interview on Planet Mikey

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