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A Planetary Lens

Review in Iperstoria:

“In each chapter, Goodman clearly yet subtly presents both the richness of each artist’s perspective and the multilayered theoretical implications which such perspectives make visible.”

Under My Bed and Other Essays

Review on New Pages Blog:

“Jody Keisner’s Under My Bed and Other Essays explores the ritualistic aspect of fear, the summoning of anxiety’s ghosts, and what it means to be a woman living under the promise of male violence.”

Grasslands Grown

Review in NiCHE:

Grasslands Grown adds to the wider historiography on prairie and Great Plains culture. It is especially good at speaking to the emotional connections the children of settlers established both with the environment they grew up in and their mythologization of their parents’ settlement of the area.”

If This Were Fiction

Review in The Rumpus:

“Christman accomplishes that deep, square look into others and herself in this admirable collection. If This Were Fiction sits on my desk as I write this, its pages forever bent open from my frequent returns.”

Operation Pedro Pan

Review in Cold War Book Reviews:

Operation Pedro Pan is more than simply the retelling of history. It is the experience of real people, making their way in the unpredictable storm of historic events.”

Author Interviews

 Dr. Malka Z. Simkovich

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Brenden W. Rensink

Interview with New Books Network

Jill Christman

Interview on Fourth Genre

Jacqueline Saper

Interview on Connecticut Public Radio

Christopher Price

Interview on WFSB 3

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