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Cooperman Woman Pissing Book Trailer


A Civil Society

Review in H-France Reviews:

“In this rich and detailed history of French women in freemasonry Allen has shown how, over two centuries, “gendered sociability finally made space for masonic equality” (p. 88).”

Red Barber

Review in Bevis Baseball Research:

“This masterfully devised biography of Barber is sure to be a finalist for the prestigious Seymour Medal, which will be awarded in 2023 to the best book on baseball history or biography published in 2022. Hiltner and Walker’s book should, in my opinion, be considered the front-runner for this honor.”

Under Prairie Skies

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“There should be a book like this one for each region of the United States—a “big picture” guide to landscapes, original inhabitants, and plants that anchors school curricula, welcomes visitors to new places, and invites residents to think more deeply about where they live. It is a sweeping survey of northern Great Plains landscapes and an engaging retrospective on the lives of the people and plants found there, including that of the author.”

The Fast Ride

Review in Foxes of Belair:

“The gift of history is not simply stirring stories, but the recounting of the past so that we may understand the present, and, hopefully, plot out a future that has learned from who and what came before.”

The New White Race

Review in H-Net Reviews:

“Charlotte Ann Legg’s study of the colonial press in Algeria during the late Second Empire and early Third Republic shows how newspapers provided a forum for European settlers to assert an identity distinctive for its ambivalent attitudes about Algeria’s relationship with France, and about colonial Algeria’s relationship with other settler societies.”

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