The Fortune Teller’s Kiss by Brenda SerotteFortune_tellers_kiss

The Fortune Teller’s Kiss is an eloquent brief on the transformative powers of stories, giving us  permission to enter a private territory and offering the limitless interpretations to which a good memoir lends itself.” —Tara Kai, Sun-Sentinel (May 14)

"Poet Serotte relives a childhood cataclysm in this culture-rich, affecting memoir, part of the American Lives literary nonfiction series. In 1954 she contracted polio, mere months before Jonas Salk perfected his vaccine-a coincidence that struck her Sephardic Jewish household as especially cruel. . . . She explores the identity that confounds her: first, her ‘bouillabaisse’ blood line and, later, the immobility that suspends her between ‘normal’ and ‘special,’ as she limns her family with wry affection that doesn’t blot out their flaws. The drama of Serotte’s struggle to walk again, filtered through the tender emotion of youth, creates an aromatic narrative brew that reveals her destiny in riveting detail."—Publishers Weekly

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