Gone Gaming

My husband and I married under slightly false pretenses.  Yes, he already knew I was a science geek.  Our first conversation had included the Shoemaker-Levy comet and the dust it kicked up on Jupiter.  And he already knew I read science fiction.  In an example of how pathetic geeks in love can be, we wound up at a bookstore on one of our first dates, where we held hands and perused the sf section pointing out favorites and exclaiming about overlaps in our reading lists.  (well, hey, dinner and a movie is pretty dull too.)  And he knew I liked computer games.  Our first Valentine’s Day together we bought a Playstation and games and then spent every night up playing.  What I didn’t tell him, even for the first year of our marriage, was that I play Dungeons and Dragons and have since I was 15.

He hadn’t ever played before.  He was far more popular in high school than I was.  (You can see how it came about.  I was a skinny sf nerd who was never going to get the jocks.  But there was an entire group, including a few cute, skinny boy sf nerds, and as the only girl I had them all to myself.  I got into gaming for the boys.)  But we met up with some other gamers and for his wife’s sake he was willing to try.  And he liked it.

Roleplaying games are like a big group Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.  And my viewpoint here is skewed, but rpgs seem to go hand in hand with sf.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve run into a person at a gaming table who doesn’t regularly read sf or fantasy, and usually both.  And most of time that person got dragged in by a friend or significant other.  In my regular circle I am the only woman who dragged her husband in, rather than the other way around, but I am not the only woman anymore.  (I have to share the boys.  Since I’m now married, this is OK.)

So this weekend is Nexus, the local gaming convention in Lincoln, Nebraska (overtop of Brothers and starts at 9am on Saturday if you are interested).  I admitted it to a co-worker and he laughed at me, but Andy and I will be there, dice in hand, dorks in love, and isn’t there something about couples that play together, stay together?  What can I say?  I like Shadowrun more than cribbage.

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