May Science Fiction Releases

To begin with, I wasn’t sure how often the Press would want me posting here.  Others seemed to be sporadic and usually about books.  So I finally emailed and asked, saying, you know, usually blogs are posted to rather often.  They said go ahead.  So, as last week was an indication, I’ll be checking in more often. 

And since this isn’t all book review format anymore, I should tell you some things that the press is coming out with.  That’s part of what a press blog is for, isn’t it?  So here it is, new in May:Last_man_3

The 2nd edition of Mary Shelley’s The Last Man.  I already have my hot little hands on it.  It was the
first thing I requested when they told me they’d give me books.  So expect a discussion on it later.  Perhaps a bit later.  Shelley is dense reading. This is not the sort of book you take to a beach.  It is the sort of book you curl up in bed with while a thunderstorm rages around you and you can feel the emotions and torment of the romantic poets.

Beyond Armageddon
is an anthology of short stories about–what else?–life after nuclear
war editedBeyond_armaged_s_0803283156_1
Walter Miller and Martin Greenberg.  It has all sorts of
authors you’ve heard of, such as  Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, J.G.
Ballard, and Harlan Ellison.  It is another book I requested
immediately.  You have to like any book that starts, not with a
Foreward, but with a Forwarning.Song_axe_s_0803298463_1

Finally, Books six and seven of the Pelbar Cycle by Paul O. Williams comesSword_forbearance_s_0803298471_2
out:  The Song of the Axe and The Sword of Forbearance.
I have to admit, the Pelbar Cycle is a series I’ve heard of but haven’t
read yet.  So all I can tell you it is set 1000 years after a
devastating nuclear war.  The first book is The Breaking of the Northwall.  I’ll get to it.  But first, I must go read more Shelley.Breaking_of_north_s_080329851x_3