Science for Science Fiction

At one point I was a writer for a television pilot.  I got into a heated discussion with the producer regarding whether the bay doors of the space shuttle would rip off if they were opened while the shuttle was moving in space.

I contended there was no need to be aerodynamic in an environment with no air. He said the door would rip off just like if you drove your car with the hood up.  "Basic physics really," he told me.

The argument only ended when another writer said we could worry about the science details later.  (This was a science fiction show!)

Don’t be that guy.  Read this blog.

My favorites so far are what would really happen to a person thrown into space without protection (I’d never thought about the instant sunburn) and the discussion on spacecraft.  Check out the comments too, where the contributors then discuss more of the science in the original post.  I feel smarter already.

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