Why I will buy a lemon tree…

I am smack in the middle of reading The Orange Tree by, Mildred Walker, and I amThe_orange_tree_1 blown away by how easy it is to relate to the simple nuances of life that she writes about, and how comforting it is to know that someone else recognizes these tendencies and traits in folks.  It is all of these "simple" things that are what inevitably build up to be either the assurance or down-fall of any relationship.  How clearly she writes about Tirese and Paulo and their separate-but-equal soul mates sort of relationship.  How they totally depend on each other everyday, but how they make it clear that they have different minds and thoughts. 

Walker writes in chapter 8 of section 2 about Olive and her waiting
for the baby to come.  Her few opening paragraphs about the "strange
power of the calendar" and how "your life was just so many calendars
before you died," struck a deep and resounding chord in me.  I spend a
good 15% of my day at work and school either writing new tasks into a
planner, or scratching off completed tasks in that same planner.  It
doesn’t ever dawn on me how fast another year has gone until I get to
that stupid little reminder page that says it’s time to order another.
How many planners have I gone through, and how many will I go through
before I make it to Paris, France?  How many more before I realize that
my daughter is going to start school soon?  How many after that before
I come to grips with the fact that someday she will move out on her
own?  And how many will it take for me to realize one day that I’m too
old to get on an airplane and fly to Prague?  Truthfully, how many
planners does it take for you to realize you are wasting your life on
silly planning when you should probably be enjoying it!  I know it
sounds clichéd and idealistic but it still remains true.  Wasn’t it John
Lennon who said that "life is what happens while you are busy making
other plans"? 

Anyway, I digress.  Olive and Ron seemed to sort of just happen into
marriage while Paulo and Tirese seem like they could never be anything
but married.  I don’t know how the story ends just yet, but I am almost
hoping that Olive leaves Ron.  I am also hoping that Tirese finds a
place in her heart for Olive.  Not as a daughter-figure, but as a
mature woman friend and confidant.  I think Tirese opening up and
letting Olive in as an equal peer would do wonders for both women, but
I guess I’ll have to wait and see how that turns out! 

I loved how Paulo and Tirese had an orange tree in their apartment
to remind them of Italy, and of days gone by.  I loved that idea so
much I started to look on-line for any type of fruit bearing tree that
could survive in Nebraska.  I stumbled upon a lemon tree–can bring it
indoors during winter and is capable of producing 40+ lemons a year!  A
memento from a book that let me find comfort and solace in situations
that I didn’t know to expect from marriage and life.  I have a feeling
that when I get done reading this book, I will have a compulsion to
give a toast while drinking a cocktail by myself! 

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