Celebrating 25 Years of the Cowboy Junkies

Cowboyjunkiesinvite_2 Whale and Star is pleased to announce the release of     our new book
148 pages, 87 color illustrations,
hardcover. $45.00

XX celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Cowboy Junkies, one of the most distinctive and influential rock bands in recent years. Starting with the seminal album The Trinity Session, the Canadian band’s signature sound, based on traditional blues and post-punk rock, has garnered much critical acclaim and an uncommonly devoted international following. Cowboy Junkies are: guitarist and songwriter Michael Timmins, bassist Alan Anton and Timmins’ siblings Margo (lead vocals) and Peter (drums). 

Michael Timmins has created narratives-poems-of everyday life. They bring to mind the musical legacy of Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Lou Reed as well as the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Miguel Hernández and Robert Frost.  Timmins’ poignant and deceptively simple images and songs embody truths without feeling pedantic or overworked. The understated quality of his songwriting finds a medium in the haunting and warm voice of his sister and the rich and spare sound of the band to deliver songs of gain, loss, vulnerability and hope.

XX, the first book solely devoted to Cowboy Junkies, offers an intimate look at the band from the point of view of their own photographs and many of the original handwritten lyrics of Michael Timmins, who also chose the selection of songs. XX is conceived as a record of twenty years of journey as well as an artist book. Each lyric is accompanied by a work on paper created by Enrique Martínez Celaya, a world-renowned artist and a friend of the band. He helped arrange the photographs and Michael’s notes, and created the watercolors over a period of a few months while listening to Cowboy Junkies’ music.

Xx XX is available in bookstores around the world or through our distributor, the University of Nebraska Press. Visit our website at http://www.whaleandstar.com.  To celebrate the release of the book, Whale and Star will host a special acoustic performance by Michael and Margo
Timmins as well as a book signing on October 7th, 2006, which will be held at GRIFFIN, 2902 Nebraska Avenue, Santa Monica, California at 8:00 pm. The watercolors created for the book by Enrique Martínez Celaya will also be on view.

Space is limited. To place your name on the guest list, please call GRIFFIN at 310.586.6886 before October 3. Those on the guest list should be at the gallery on or before 7:15 pm. The general public will be invited to enter at 7:30 pm. No one will be admitted after 7:45 pm.

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