Below are some people who read and loved our books. What have you been reading?


The Sinking of the Laconia and the U-Boat War
By James P. Duffy

Strategy Page review:
“An excellent look at the history of the U-boat war, The Sinking of the Laconia will prove reward reading for anyone interested in the Second World War or submarine operations.”





The Pat Boone Fan ClubSilverman
By Sue Silverman

Flavorwire review:
“The fearless Jewish memoirist muses on identity, tracing her obsession with squeaky-clean pop icon Pat Boone as an escape from childhood abuse.”

Read an excerpt from the book.



NaugleHistory of Nebraska
By Ronald Naugle

Omaha World-Herald review:
“The fourth edition of the University of Nebraska Press-published book gives fuller attention to various topics, including the Native American experience in Nebraska and the accomplishments of the state’s women and minorities.”

Read an excerpt from the book.



Soccer DiariesAgovino
By Michael Agovino

Goal review:
“…Agovino’s journey will make soccer fans reflect on their own path on the lifelong love affair they have with the game they just can’t quit, no matter when that path started.”

Read an excerpt from the book.



MoveMcCuer and Shaker
By Andy McCue

Tampa Tribune review:
“Author Andy McCue strips away the emotion and presents a balanced portrait of the late Dodgers’ owner in his biography.”

Read an excerpt from the book.




Upton SinclairCoodley
By Lauren Coodley

Labor Studies Journal review:
“The book is just a great story, well told, better than any fiction in some ways because no one could possibly make up such a rich and complicated life.”

Read an excerpt from the book.




Use Wilsonof Plants by the Hidatsas of the Northern Plains
By Gilbert Wilson

Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology review:
Use of Plants by the Hidatsa is an easy, enjoyable read and a unique, valuable source of information on how people used plants.”

Read an excerpt from the book.




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