A Word from Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon and Goodreads:


Wild IdeaO'Brien_UNP by Dan O’Brien
“An emotional and engaging must read for lovers of good food, open spaces, and family to share it all with.”–J. Emrich (Amazon 9/12/2014)




The Lost Matriarch by Jerry Rabow
“Reading The Lost Matriarch was like scuba diving- go deep, stay as long as you like, and gather wisdom fromTalmud and Mishnah. The story as told by Mr. Rabow was illuminating as it opened up the wonders of the Talmud.” –Kenneth (Amazon 11/22/2014)



Reliquaria by R. A. Villanueva
“These poems serve as a meditative ethnography of our common struggle to sift meaning & purpose from the detritus of our world’s pyrrhic past.” –Adam (Goodreads 7/31/2014)


Song of Dewey Beard by Philip Burnham
“Brilliantly composed and thoroughly researched, this is written American history at its finest.” –Tom (Amazon 11/15/2014)



Rozelle by Jerry Izenberg

“Everything you want to know about the modern era of the NFL and the man who transformed professional football into the No. 1 sport in the world. Told beautifuly by Jerry Izenberg, an eye witness to most of it.” –Fred (Amazon 9/24/2014)



Stories from Langley by Edward Mickolus
“Well-edited, well written, passionate and compassionate.” –Rob (Amazon 12/6/2014)


George H. W. BushSmith-GHWBush.indd by Curt Smith
“Terrific insights regarding an often under-appreciated president. For readers that enjoy politics and presidential history, this is a must read.” –Karen (Amazon 11/12/2014)


Warrior Diplomat by Michael Waltz
“This book is an unflinching, non-partisan and honest look at how our best intentions become missed opportunities to protect our interests abroad including how our best soldiers are handcuffed by mindless bureaucratic processes.” –Felix (Amazon 11/13/2014)


Cassar-Trial by Gas.inddTrial by Gas by George Cassar
“This is a superb work on the Second Battle of Ypres. Along with John Dixon’s ” Magnificent But Not War” these are the seminal works on Second Ypres. Brilliant writing of the details of battle, interspersed with contemporary accounts. This concentrates a bit more on the Frezenberg and Bellewaarde Ridge battles, but it still covers Gravenstafel and St. Julien in excellent detail. A fine read and a fine compliment to Mr Dixon’s book. Well worth the time and money. A fine book.” –Michael (Amazon 12/9/2014)


Frozen in Time by Adam Raider
” Loved it. Highly recommend it if you are a North Star fan.” –Brad (Amazon 11/26/2014)


Downwind by Sarah FoxFox
“This book is an excellent examination of the history of nuclear testing in the American West. Well researched, Fox utilized a wide range of sources to examine the impacts of nuclear weapons development and testing on ordinary American citizens. The book is impressive in the scope of issues examined, from radiation impacts on landscape and food chains, to actual communities and is especially noteworthy in how it links the stories of First Nations residents in Indian Country with those in Mormon Country and beyond. Residents of Utah have long heard of “downwinder” stories but Fox skillfully broadens that designation, geographically and culturally, to encompass a much broader area. Highly recommended.” –Chuck (Amazon 12/5/2014)




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