A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon about some of our backlist titles:


Domes9780803271838-Perfect.inddticated Wild Things, and Other Stories by Xhenet Aliu
“Xhenet Aliu’s Domesticated Wild Things & Other Stories is the best story collection I’ve read in a long time, and already one of my favorites. The struggles of the down and out Connecticut working class are presented with grit and gravity, but not without a tremendous sense of humor. These stories are entertaining, emotionally intense, and rich with detail from a terrain which has, so far, been mostly misrepresented. I love this book.” -Jaques (Amazon 10/22/2013)





Football Revolution by Bart Wright
“A fun read for anyone who loves the game of football. This book is loaded with information about coaches and strategies that successful teams have used throughout the years.” -Sarah (Amazon 3/5/2014)






Katie Gale by LLyn De Danaan
“Read this book. You will not only learn much about the Coast Salish culture, but be called to reflect on the relationships each of us has with the small piece of this planet we call home.” -Carol (Amazon 1/9/2014)





Whiskey Women by Fred MinnickMinnick
“Fred Minnick is a deeply knowledgeable, thorough and engaging writer. Having followed his work as a journalist for several years, I can say his foray into long-format writing was no mistake. As a bourbon drinker and history buff, the story of women’s role in whiskey was a great adventure. Kudos, Fred!” -Holly (Amazon 11/21/2013)




Fried Walleye and Cherry PieWolff_cover.indd edited by Peggy Wolff
“I very much enjoyed this book. Although its 30 well-written essays deal with the wide range of foods of the Midwest, more importantly I found they plumb a wide range of personal experiences of those of the diverse population who make up the Midwest. The roles food plays in our lives and in our memories are profound, associated with deep-seated emotions. As I am sure will be true with other readers, the essays remind me of experiences in my life and with those I have been fortunate to share it with.” -Sam (Amazon 11/2/2013)




Tales from the Deadball Era by Mark HalfonHalfon
“This is a must read for all baseball fans–really all sports fans–as it will entertain and educate in an engaging manner. Baseball is a sport made up of characters and author Halfon brings them to life…it also helps place the current state of baseball in a historical context. This book reminded me why I love the game and renewed my enthusiasm for it.” -Bob (Amazon 2/15/2014)




Mover and ShakerMcCue by Andy McCue
“Very readable and entertaining biography! The author really brought some great background, behind the scenes material to light! Very well researched and presented!” -Travis (Amazon 6/22/2014)





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