The Marketeers Club: April Exhibit Round Up

Emily Giller is the exhibits coordinator and media planner in the marketing department. 

LivingstonAssociation of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP)

April 8-11, 2015 (Minneapolis, MN)

UNP conference attendee: Kristen Elias Rowley, Cultural Criticism and American Studies Editor; Emily Giller, Exhibits Coordinator and Media Planner

“AWP 2015 in Minneapolis was literary pandemonium in the best way! More than 12,000 attendees packed into the Minneapolis conference center to celebrate the best of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. We hosted signings for some of our Spring 2015 authors (Sonja Livingston, Sue Eisenfeld, Pamela Carter Joern, and Eric Freeze) and I moderated a panel in celebration of the 10th anniversary of our Flyover Fiction series. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next year in Los Angeles!”—Kristen Elias Rowley

Books with the most buzz:

Queen of the Fall: A Memoir of Girls and Goddesses by Sonja Livingston

The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book by Ted Kooser

The Kitchen-Dweller’s Testimony by Ladan Osman

Linda K. won $150 worth of books from our register to win, including: Queen of the Fall: A Memoir of Girls and Goddesses by Sonja Livingston; The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book by Ted Kooser; Swallowing the Soap: New and Selected Poems by William Kloefkorn; The Prairie Schooner Book Prize: Tenth Anniversary Reader edited by James Engelhardt and Marianne Kunkel; This Strange Wilderness: The Life and Art of John James Audubon by Nancy Plain; The Bible on Location: Off the Beaten Path in Ancient and Modern Israel by Julie Baretz; and Cruel Tales from the Thirteenth Floor by Luc Lang.  


9780803240100-Perfect.inddRocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies (RMCLAS)

April 8-12, 2015 (Tucson, AZ)

UNP conference attendees: Bridget Barry, History Editor

“The 62nd annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies was held this year in Tucson. RMCLAS is known for its spirit of camaraderie, and this year’s gathering was no exception. It was great to see so many of our authors, and we’re excited to be expanding our list in Latin American history. Thank you to everyone who attended the Publishing 101 roundtable!”—Bridget Barry

Books with the most buzz:

Muy buenas noches: Mexico, Television, and the Cold War by Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante

Seen and Heard in Mexico: Children and Revolutionary Cultural Nationalism by Elena Jackson Albarrán

Murder and Counterrevolution in Mexico: The Eyewitness Account of German Ambassador Paul von Hintze, 1912-1914 edited and with an introduction by Friedrich E. Schuler

Rikki B. won $150 worth of books from our register to win, including: Women, Feminism, and Social Change in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, 1890-1940  by Asuncion Lavrin; Domestic Economies: Family, Work, and Welfare in Mexico City, 1884-1943 by Ann S. Blum; Blacks, Indians, and Spaniards in the Eastern Andes: Reclaiming the Forgotten in Colonial Mizque, 1550-1782 by Lolita Gutierrez Brockington; Now We Will Be Happy by Amina Gautier; The Infamous Rosalie by Évelyne Trouillot; and Island of Bones: Essays by Joy Castro.


Cassar-Trial by Gas.inddSociety of Military History (SMH)

April 9-12, 2015 (Montgomery, AL)

UNP conference attendee: Alicia Christensen, American Studies Editor

“Intrigue, Secrets, and SMH—Attendance was up this year at the Society for Military History conference—organizers put the number of registrants at over six hundred! UNP’s booth saw some good traffic and our most popular title was probably World War I by SMH Vice President, Jennifer Keene.

The most interesting part of every conference is talking to scholars about their research, and one of the most fascinating conversations I had was with David C. Arnold, who is working on the history of the U.S. military base in Thule, Greenland.

Arnold told me the story of the political scandal associated with the base. During the 1960s, the Danish government engaged in a cover up to hide the fact that an American military plane had crashed just north of the base while carrying four hydrogen bombs. The full scale of the scandal finally came to light in the 1990s, when Danish historian Hans Møller Kristiansen found declassified documents proving the Danish government’s cover up. A new Danish film, Idealisten (The Idealist) tells the whole story. Hopefully, a subtitled version will make its way to the U.S.!”—Alicia Christensen

Books with the most buzz:

Trial by Gas: The British Army at the Second Battle of Ypres by George H. Cassar (Potomac Books, 2014)

World War I: The American Soldier Experience by Jennifer D. Keene

A Taste for War: The Culinary History of the Blue and the Gray by William C. Davis

Mary W. won $150 worth of books from our register to win.


DownwindOrganization of American Historians (OAH)

April 16-18, 2015 (St. Louis, MO)

UNP conference attendee: Bridget Barry, History Editor

“The annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians was held in St. Louis, with a conference theme of ‘Taboos.’  The plenary session on events in Ferguson was a welcome addition to the program, and the conference attracted a wide range of scholars. We look forward to seeing everyone next year in Providence.”—Bridget Barry

Books with the most buzz:

Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West by Sarah Alisabeth Fox

Finding Oil: The Nature of Petroleum Geology, 1859-1920 by Brian Frehner

Michael G. won $150 worth of books from our register to win.




KooserNebraska Book Festival

April 25, 2015 (Omaha, NE)

UNP conference attendees: Martyn Beeny, Marketing Manager; Rosemary Vestal, Publicity Manager

“The Nebraska Book Festival hosted writers’ workshops and brought in quite a few talented authors for readings. Most notably was Timothy Schaffert for his new novel The Swan Gondola (Riverhead)Schaffert is also the editor of You Will Never See Any God: Stories (Nebraska 2014) by lost Great Plains writer, Ervin D. Krause.”—Rosemary Vestal

Books with the most buzz:

The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book by Ted Kooser

This Strange Wilderness:The Life and Art of John James Audubon by Nancy Plain

Wild Idea: Buffalo and Family in a Difficult Land by Dan O’Brien

Jan T. $150 worth of books from our register to win.