In Pursuit of Pennants

In Pursuit of Pennants

By Mark Armour

Twins Daily review

“From the most avid baseball fan to someone that knows little about the history of America’s Pastime, In Pursuit of Pennants has a little bit of something for everyone. With the amount of historical content locked in this book, it is impossible for the reader not to come out a smarter fan with each turn of the page.”


Outside the Bible

Edited by Louis H. Feldman, James L. Kugel, and Lawrence H. Schiffman

Association of Jewish Libraries,  Judaica Reference Award winner

“Outside the Bible is remarkable achievement. The clarity of the translations and the contextualizing of the texts provide broad access to an otherwise complex field of study. With significant contributions from leading experts in the field of Jewish and Christian studies and edited by distinguished scholars, Outside the Bible represents a landmark in its field and will become essential reference for students, scholars and researchers.”


Gil Hodges

By Mort Zachter

Town Topics review

“As Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci says of Zachter’s book, ‘In these pages you understand how Hodges defined what it meant to be a role model in a golden age.’ “

Sky Loom

Sky Loom

By Brian Swann

Choice review

“The tales themselves are beautiful, and the translators’ brief, informative introductions offer analysis, context, relevant history, and/or pronunciation guidance.”


Dawnland Voices

By Siobhan Senier

Choice Review

“A significant contribution to Native American and indigenous studies and to US literature.”


The Awakening Coast

By Karl Offen

Choice Review

“Largely through the editors’ insightful and contextualizing introductions to the volume and to each carefully selected document, the book provides a window into the impact of the Great Awakening of 1881 and 1882 on missionaries and local residents alike, the growth of the mission and the political economic social changes in the region, and the texture of intricate cross-cultural intra- and interfaith encounters.”

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