Falafel Nation

By Yael Raviv

Applause from the Kirkus Reviews:

“What’s in a falafel? By the lights of food-studies and nutrition adjunct professor Raviv, it’s not just chickpeas and pita bread, but also identity . . . The author is particularly good on pressing the point that such cuisines are seldom fixed but instead constantly adapt as new groups enter and as time changes.”


The Heart of the Matter

By Arthur Green

Recommendation from CHOICE:

“The why rather than the how of practicing Judaism is the central focus that draws together this collection of literary essays . . . Green engages with the intricacies of Kabbalah, Hasidic masters, classical sources, and contemporary Jewish theology to portray an exciting portal to experiencing inward spirituality notably missing in the ‘civil religion’ of many American Jews.”


A Game of Their Own

By Jennifer Ring

Review from the Boston Globe:

“Jennifer Ring would like to remind everybody who has been celebrating Title IX for the past 43 years that some female athletes have yet to benefit from the legislation. . . Maybe there’s a more powerful argument for supporting women who want to play baseball or otherwise transcend various limitations imposed by the culture, but perhaps not.”

Jordan-DesertDiplomat POTOMAC.indd

Desert Diplomat

By Robert W. Jordan

Review from the Washington Book Review:

Desert Diplomat gives a deep insight into the Saudi-US relations post 9/11. It is a must read for both students and experts of US-Middle East relations. It will also help understand the emerging dynamics in the Middle East after the Iran-US nuclear deal.”


Yellowstone and the Great West

Edited by Marlene Deahl Merrill

Praise from the Yellowstone Insider:

”Merrill has been a great boon to the 1871 Hayden Geological Survey, bringing her first-rate scholarly acumen in organizing/presenting the project.”


The Southern Exodus to Mexico

By Todd W. Wahlstrom

A high recommendation from CHOICE:

“He argues that rather than a deluded effort to resurrect the ‘Old South,’ this movement represented a complex, viable effort to find economic prosperity outside the Republican-dominated Reconstruction South. . .  Altogether, Wahlstrom provides a well-researched study of the people, events, and ideas surrounding Confederate migration and colonization efforts in Mexico.”


Eight Questions of Faith

by Niles Elliot Goldstein

Thumbs-up from Foreword Reviews:

“More than a study, Goldstein’s book is a midlife meditation on the imperfections and ambiguities of human life, and the chronicle of a very personal and often painful struggle to attain authenticity and wholeness.”


From the Mouths of Dogs

By B. J. Hollars

Chapter excerpt published in the Huffington Post: “Lessons Learned from Losing Our Pets”



Amina Gautier

Author interview on Aspen Public Radio


Matthew G. Stanard

Author “Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit


Reuven Hammer

Author article in the Jerusalem Post

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