Falafel Nation by Yael Raviv

Praise from the Jewish Book Council:

“. . . a detailed, meticulously researched, academic assessment of the ways in which Zionist political goals, local demographics and economics, Labor Zionism’s emphasis on the revival of Jewish agriculture on biblical soil, and more all combined to create modern Israeli identity on both national and individual levels . . . a thought-provoking read for someone interested in a detailed, intellectual exploration of the origins of Israeli identity from a new perspective.”


So, How Long Have You Been Native? by Alexis C. Bunten

Recommendation from Alaska Dispatch News:

“Bunten wanders over quite a bit of territory, asks some difficult questions, offers unusual insights and manages to tell a good story along the way. As this is her first book, the question readers might want to ask is, ‘So, how long have you been this good of a writer?’”


Elder Northfield’s Home by A. Jennie Bartlett

Edited and with an introduction by Nicole Tonkovich

Review from Western American Literature:

“In her scholarly introduction to the reissue, Tonkovich provides a useful framework for understanding Mormonism by placing it in the broader cultural context of the many early nineteenth-century ‘intentional communities’ such as the Shakers and Oneida Perfectionists that pursued social reform and challenged traditional marriage arrangements.”


Waterman by David Davis

Recommendation from Easy Reader News:

“David Davis’ enjoyable new biography, Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku, presents a man of many accomplishments and few boasts. The Duke that emerges is a reluctant royal, modestly excited by the extraordinary times through which he moves and presides.”


The Ordinary Spaceman

Clayton Anderson

Author Q&A with


H. Alan Day

Author Q&A with Equine VIP


Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

Author article in the News and Observer


Author article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

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