Redskins by C. Richard King

Recommendation from Kirkus Reviews:

“King shows why this controversy matters well beyond the football field.”


The Blind Man and the Loon by Craig Mishler

Praise from the Journal of Folklore Research:

“. . . a complex, alluring folktale, and one could easily, gladly, and productively lose one’s way within it . . . The Blind Man and the Loon makes a fine classroom text and provides a model for scholars writing on traditional narrative.”


When Are You Coming Home? by Bryn Chancellor

Applause from the Colorado Review:

“As someone who struggles to put together a story collection that resonates and feels honest and respectful to the characters while still standing as a cohesive whole, I read Chancellor’s collection with admiration. The care with which she creates these seemingly ordinary lives is evident. She lets her characters live and insists that we care about them. And we do.”


Monster Trek by Joe Gisondi

Review from Bigfoot Research News:

“The book takes you on a journey across the country into some of America’s Squatchiest places. The author, Joe Gisondi, is an objective journalist with a passion for the outdoors, so the book offers a unique perspective into the lives of other Bigfoot researchers and Squatching itself . . . It is the cumulative of many years of research and insight. That is what really gives it its luster in my opinion.”


Canoeing the Great Plains by Patrick Dobson

Recommendation from

“Unlike some authors who produce memoirs at a very young age, Dobson waited until middle age for this book, and the result is great writing with great perspective on a colorful life.”


On Point by Tracy Crow

Praise from the Past In Review:

On Point is an extremely useful tool for understanding the writing craft in reference top military service.”


Rival Gardens by Connie Wanek

Book excerpt in the Writer’s Almanac.


David Davis


Author interview with Talks at Google.

Grant Hayter-Menzies


Author interview with Radio Pet Lady.

Yael Raviv


Review and interview from New Books in Food:

“. . . takes us on a historical journey through a century of Jewish foodways in Palestine and Israel, highlighting their essential role in creating an Israeli nation.”

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