Review of The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer

Sport in American History

Hayes, Kevin J. The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2015. Pp. xviii+257. Introduction, notes, bibliography, and index. Hardcover: $28.95

Reviewed by Ari de Wilde

In his book, The Two-Wheeled World of George B. Thayer, Kevin J. Hayes explores the cycling experience of Connecticut bicycle tourist, George B. Thayer. From the 1870s to the turn of the twentieth century, Thayer was one of a number of cyclists–both male and female and white and non-white–to cross the country by bicycle and write about it. In a rapidly modernizing world, the ability to travel great distances under one’s own power was one of the ultimate symbols of living in the future. On a bicycle, people really had the freedom to travel wherever they wanted. And the idea of riding, freedom, and touring was as popular as the actual action itself. As Hayes puts it, Thayer…

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