June Book Deals

UNP is excited to announce these forthcoming projects from our team of acquiring editors. All titles listed here are working titles only and are subject to change before publication. The acquiring editor is in parentheses.

We look forward to editing, producing, designing, and marketing these books, and working with the authors as we move toward publication of each.


Forthcoming from University of Nebraska Press

For the Trade

Jeremy Beer, Charleston: The Life and Legend of Baseball’s Greatest Forgotten Player (Rob Taylor) – biography of Oscar Charleston, Negro Leagues legend

Upton Bell with Ron Borges, Present at the Creation: How the NFL became a Cultural Phenomenon (Rob Taylor) – rise of the NFL from the perspective of Bell, son of former NFL Commissioner Bert Bell

Frederic Brun, translated by Sarah Gendron and Jennifer Vanderheyden, Perla (Alicia Christensen) – considers the seemingly irreconcilable multiplicities of life

Tom Carhart, The Golden Fleece: A 1965 West Point Cadet Adventure While Gunsmoke Drifted Home from Vietnam (Tom Swanson) – Cadets steal the Navy’s Billy-goat mascot

Chloe Delaume, translated by Dawn M. Cornelio, Of Course Not (Alicia Christensen) – A life-size game of Clue unfolds

Judy Diamond, Bob Hall, and John West, Carnival of Contagion (Tom Swanson) – a graphic novel about measles

Howard Howe Cates, Oklahoma’s Atticus: The True Story of an Innocent Man Condemned by a City and the Brave Attorney Who Fought to Save Him (Bridget Barry) – a young attorney, a Cherokee, and a murdered girl

David Lazar, Brigadoon Bowling: Essays (Alicia Christensen) – exploring memory, pain, and much more

Curtis Roosevelt, More About the Roosevelts (Tom Swanson) – offers further anecdotes and revelations about the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

Jane Singer, From Alcatraz to Andersonville: War Criminals and Sons (Tom Swanson) – prison commandants in the Civil War

Ben-Dror Yemini, The Industry of Lies: Myths, Facts, and the Demonization of Israel (Tom Swanson) – attempts to portray Israel as pariah nation


For Scholars

Mary Elizabeth Ailes, Courage and Grief: Women in Sweden’s Thirty Years’ War (Alisa Plant) – adds insight and nuance into Sweden’s involvement in Europe’s destructive Thirty Years’ War

Daniel Clement, translated by Peter Frost, The Bungling Host: The Nature of Myth (Matt Bokovoy) – ground-breaking work on the limitations of structuralism in understanding indigenous stories

Lisa P. Covert, San Miguel de Allende: Mexicans, Foreigners, and the Making of a World Heritage Site (Bridget Barry) – an exploration of the intersections of economic development and national identity formation in San Miguel de Allende

Douglas Dowland, American Affects: Nonfiction of the United States, 1947–2007 (Alicia Christensen) – affect theory to explore synecdoche in contemporary nonfiction

Reena Dube, ed., Cinema Cityscapes: Global Approaches (Alicia Christensen) – the relationship between cinema and global cities

Kamille Gentles-Peart, Brand Jamaica: Re-Imagining Jamaica’s National Image & Identity (Alicia Christensen) – empirical look at Jamaica’s post-independence national image and global brand

Mark Hollabaugh, Spirit and the Sky: Lakota Visions of the Cosmos (Matt Bokovoy) – nineteenth-century Lakotas’ interest in and attention to the celestial realm

Benjamin R. Kracht, Kiowa Belief and Ritual (Matt Bokovoy) – brings together materials gleaned from the Santa Fe field notes

Andrea McComb Sanchez, Of Corn and Catholicism: A History of Religion and Power in Pueblo Indian Patron Saint Feast Days (Matt Bokovoy) – development of patron saint Feast Days

Christopher Merritt, The Coming Man from Canton: Chinese Experience in Montana, 1862-1943 (Matt Bokovoy) – the historical and archaeological record of the Overseas Chinese experience in Montana

Jaime E. Rodriguez O., Political Culture in Spanish America, 1500-1830 (Bridget Barry) – reexamines the nature of Spanish American political culture

Sabrina Thomas, The Value of Dust: Policy, Citizenship, and Vietnam’s Amerasian Children (Matt Bokovoy) – race, nation, and gender in the aftermath of the Vietnam War

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