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Pain Woman Takes Your Keys, and Other Essays from a Nervous System

by Sonya Huber

Review from Kirkus:

“Frank, thoughtful reflections that should resonate with the 47 percent of Americans reported to be living with chronic pain.”

Gallegos_with accent

Crude Nation

by Raul Gallegos

Praise from Failure Magazine:

“Gallegos does a fine job of relating how the Venezuelan economy works, which isn’t as easy as one might think.”



by Scott Morrow Johnson

Review from KU Sports:

“What the book does is aim to give is an honest portrayal of the famed KU coach, who could be described as ambitious, stubborn, good-hearted, a man of science, a competitor, a loving father and grandfather, and last but not least, a visionary.”

Cassar-Trial by Gas.indd

Trial By Gas

by George H. Cassar

Review from Michigan War Studies Review:

” a true tactical history, detailing the precise movements and combat actions of British and Commonwealth units . . . All serious students and scholars of World War I as well as anyone interested in the tactics of infantry combat should read Trial by Gas.”


Justice for All

by Jeremiah Unterman

Listed in Publishers Weekly:

“Jeremiah Unterman shows that, in its moral understandings, the Old Testament reflected a radical advance over writings of other ancient Near Eastern civilizations.”


Dustin Hoffman


Interview on KHOI Community Radio.


Robert C. Trumpbour and Kenneth Womack


Interview at the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse.

Bruce L. Smith


Interview with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


Michael Dax


Interview with The Bullseye.




Press featured in the Lincoln Journal Star.

…and had a swell party!

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