Reading List: Jewish Books for the New Year


The Jewish Publication Society has been publishing thoughtful and thought-provoking books in Jewish literature and history for more than 125 years. This list highlights some of their new and noteworthy titles.



Thinking About the Torah

by Kenneth Seeskin

In defiance of the assumption that Judaism is a religion based more on ritual and action than belief and thought, Seeskin takes readers through Jewish, Greek, and contemporary philosophy in a clear, engaging way.


The Lost Matriarch

by Rabbi Jerry Rabow

Though the Biblical account of Leah is sparse at best, Rabow delves into the midrash and cultural context of the story to reveal a layered, remarkable woman.


Eight Questions of Faith

by Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein

When life flips his plans around, this Rabbi finds himself asking eight questions that we all ask ourselves at one point or another—and finding the answers in the Torah.


Jonah and the Meaning of Our Lives

by Rabbi Steve Bob

Jonah stands out among the other books of the prophets—not least because Jonah is so much like everyone we know. Breaking down the narrative verse by verse, Rabbi Bob connects ancient commentaries to our every day experiences.


Stolen Words

by Mark Glickman

A story of the destruction and preservation of Jewish books—of people who wanted the words destroyed, and the people who couldn’t live without them.


Judaism’s Great Debates

by Rabbi Barry Schwartz

An accessible approach to six problematic moments in the Hebrew text that are still worth arguing about—or arguing for—today.

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