Staff Stories: An Interview with Laurel Ybarra

Tayler Lord is a publicist at UNP and is, after nearly a year at it, unsure if she is still a new employee or not. In “Staff Stories,” she interviews her newest coworkers to introduce them to the rest of the university press world.

Laurel Ybarra is the Journals Marketing Associate, a Chipotle addict, and sleep-deprived mother of a three year old. 

Tayler Lord: What’s your current job at UNP and how long have you held it?

Laurel Ybarra: I am the marketing associate for the Journals department. I started at the end of September, so it’s coming up on four months.

TL: Nice! Could you describe your job and what you do day to day?

LY: Oh gosh, I do quite a few things. I book ad reservations from different presses and advertisers for our journals, update the journals section of the website, and manage social media. I keep our journals ads updated, too, because covers change and editors change, so we have to keep constantly keep our records accurate. I also create ads for marketing and promotional uses.

TL: So you do a lot!

LY: Yeah, it’s a lot of things! It depends on the time of year. I am really busy around the holidays, or when a new exhibits season is coming up. I was really busy getting ready for the spring exhibits.

TL: I know what you mean. We’re kind of on the same timeline since we’re both in marketing, even though it is two different sides of the Press.

LY: Right, definitely.

TL: What brought you to UNP?

LY: Well, I graduated from Wesleyan in December 2015, and I was looking for a job. I was interested in advertising and marketing. I had no idea where I wanted to go. I assumed I would join a marketing or advertising firm. I didn’t even think about other areas that would need marketing people. I came across this position online and it looked interesting, so I applied, and here I am!

TL: What did you study at Wesleyan?

LY: I studied communication studies, marketing, and gender studies.

TL: Cool! So which aspect of the job are you most excited about, or has been the most interesting so far?

LY: I would say I’m most excited about creating my own ads and doing my own original work. I’ve done a little bit of it and enjoyed it, so that’s what I’m looking forward to doing more of.

TL: What has surprised you most so far about working at UNP?

LY: I guess I was really surprised when I found out how much we do here, which is almost everything. Or at least we can do everything, except for physically printing our product here. I thought that was really cool. I didn’t realize there were so many different jobs.

TL: Same! What advice do you have for people starting a career in publishing based off your own experience with it?

LY: I would say just keep an open mind. I didn’t expect to be here because I didn’t know I could be! So keep an open mind when looking because of all the different opportunities. I have really enjoyed my time here so far, and I look forward to learning more. I think it’s a great experience.

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