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Glory Days

Melissa Fraterrigo

Starred review from Booklist:

“If Willa Cather and Cormac McCarthy had a love child, she would be a writer such as Fraterrigo, whose imagery is equally evocative and unforgiving and whose characters are every bit as anguished and forlorn.”


Carter-Sol Butcher REDO.indd

Solomon D. Butcher

John E. Carter

Review essay in the Paris Review:

“Carter’s book is the definitive text on the itinerant photographer, and though his introduction to the photographs is just several pages long, it provides us enough to assume that Butcher was a strange fellow.”



Hero of the Crossing

Thomas M. Lippman

Praise from Peace and Justice Studies:

Hero of the Crossing is destined to be included in a list of high-quality accounts of key personalities of Arab politics penned by journalists with an intimate knowledge of the region…”



Justice for All

Jeremiah Unterman

Review from Jewish Book Council:

“Unterman’s book is illuminative not only because of his clear writing style and ability to discuss often-times dense scholarly works in accessible language, but also due to his success at conveying an excitement for the material at hand.”



Scarlet Experiment

Jeff Karnicky

Review in Journal of Field Ornithology:

“Overall, Karnicky’s book is a well-written philosophical synthesis of historical and present-day literary works. Using well over a hundred quotes in each chapter, the author traces the shifting view of birds in North America. My peers over at the English department will certainly be delighted with this book.”



When the Wanderers Come Home

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

Review from The Poetry Society:

“…at heart When the Wanderers Come Home is a grieving love letter to Liberia, a country that contains her story just as she tries to contain all its stories, woman and country intertwined like “branches and limbs of the same oak” (‘When Monrovia Rises’).”



Crossing the River Kabul

Kevin McLean

Review from Foreword Reviews:

“McLean writes from Popal’s perspective, delivering a convincing first-person narrative attuned to local speech… The book gives a keen sense of Afghanistan’s volatile history throughout the twentieth century and up to the present.”




Rabbi Shai Held


Author interview on Too Jewish podcast.


Ben Klein


Author article on H-Celebration.


Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow

Bell and Crow-MyCountryToo.indd

Event at Politics & Prose highlighted in Washington Independent Review of Books.

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