News from Journals: Annual Ice Cream Social

The Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions department (J:MaPS) monthly J:MaPS updates will inform you of the latest news including awards, editorial changes, and new issue releases. This month features our annual ice cream social.

2017 Ice Cream Social

On a hot summer day, what’s better than cooling off with a frozen treat? Taking a break from work to do so! At the end of July, we hosted our annual ice cream social. Learning from previous experience that scooping ice cream can be quite the process, we opted for handheld treats this year. This gave us the opportunity to serve a wide variety of products from ice cream bars to popsicles, with dairy-free and vegan options. With our makeshift ice cream truck, all we were missing was the iconic music set on repeat.




Susan Tomlinson has become the new editor of Legacy while previous editor, Jennifer Tuttle, moves into a coeditor position.

Stephanie Foote has taken over as sole editor of Resilience and added Dana Luciano and Anthony Lioi as coeditors.

Wanda Pillow, Kimberly Jew, and Cindy Cruz have taken over as the new editors of Frontiers.

Alejandra Dubcovsky has replaced Robbie Ethridge as an associate editor for Native South.

New Issues:

American Indian Quarterly, Volume 41, Issue 2

Anthropological Linguistics, Volume 58, Issue 3

Gettysburg Magazine, Issue 57

Great Plains Quarterly, Volume 37, Issue 2

Journal of Austrian Studies, Volume 49, Issues 3-4

Journal of Sports Media, Volume 12, Issue 1

Legacy, Volume 34, Issue 1

Western American Literature, Volume 52, Issue 1